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Somesz Hordak deserves more support and attention! A bit "Running Wildish" but mixed with melodic death metal and medieval elements. Great melodies, riffs, drumming. A strong, heavy and powerfull metal band! I really like their unique musical attitude toward the pagan metal scene. Favorite track: 722.
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Winter - Guitars
Autumn War - Guitars, Vocals
A. Mansilla - Bass
J. Sierra - Drums


released September 19, 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered at "Escuela de nuevas músicas" and "T-Rex Studios", Madrid, 2011 - Engineered by J. Sierra and A. Mansilla

Produced by HORDAK
All music by HORDAK
All Arrangements by HORDAK
Lyrics by Autumn War

Artwork design and cover concept by: Kris Verwimp
Photography by: Jose Luis Frías
CD Design by Niphilim

Guest musicians:
Jose Luis Frías - Flutes and bagpipes in "Intro"
Victor Santal - Harp in "Lugar Entre Montañas"



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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: 722
Dark serpents crawl from the south
Bringing the smell of the forthcoming storm
Defeating every army or man who tries to resist
For eleven years usurping our soil

Led by the king of the northern mountains
A few men await to show them no fear
Willing for fighting with fire and weapons
Ready to face the enemy steel

So, let´s ride searching death or glory
Face the inner fear and ride to war
Charge against the troops of the invaders
A new morning of victory will come!!

Last man standing!!
The hills will cry the loss of its sons
Last man standing!!
The fields are covered with blood

Forced and pushed to fight many lives are lost
But in the rapture of the fields of corpses I sing you my land

I am the rays of the sun of the winter´s twilight
The rivers, the mountains and the drops of rain
A son of the northern tribes of Iberia
I am the one who will fight and will grant you his life
The wind encouraging the warrior´s pride
A wolf, the life that never fades away…in the nightsky

In the name of freedom the history is always written
With the blood of the forgotten sons of the land

For a new sun to rise
From the northern hills to the southern depths
We march to battle and sacrifice our flesh
Without fear in our hearts for die we must

Track Name: Spreading the Firewings
Spreading the firewings like the rays of the Golden sun
Imperishable, everlasting
Fly high and reach the fields of clouds and walk the green grass
Down below
Stand alone and proud and set this world on fire
For life is hard and life we live
Breath and smell, taste the flavour of riding free
The eternal skies

Mighty master make your choice so the time is now
When the sundown comes and our bonfires light the land
Come and receive the flesh we offer to you
May the body of our bother ride the skies within you soon

And thus the wheel keeps turning
The cycle is completed
The soul soars towards the clouds
After being received
Within the vulture´s body
Will return to the earth
Fallen down at dusk

These lands are ruled by the vultures
Under their command we praise the cycle of life
We give our bodies to the earth
And so, they return our clan to the skies

“I challenge you, oh mighty sun
I will follow the trail of your rays
To be eternal like the wheel of life
And carry on a lifetime within your light”

Fly before the sun
Far beyond the roaring horizon
Far above the storms
Far above the mountains
Fly higher and higher
Before the fury of the winds
Fly beyond this path
Like an eternal ray of the sun
Track Name: Under the Sign of the Wilderness
At the woods of the old Europe,
Greenlands of entwined trees,
The fog hides secrets and rumours,
Elder than the mountain and the seas…

Stories about and old army,
Immortal souls to wander the woods at night,
Seeking the smell of human living,
Hunting up when the land is dark…

Stories of Christian folk to fear
The population with their lies,
The only god to rule the woods
Is we who stand with honour and pride…

Folk from old, our ancestors,
Fearless women and brave men,
Landed the woods with painted faces,
Denying their Christian faith and lies…

United like a pack of howling wolves…
Under the full-moon every season…
The altar where the fallen rest…
Keeps shining with the burning pagan flames…


We offer to the Gods of nature, A gift of praise and sacrifice
With each and every change of season, when moon is full and night shines
It is time to hunt beyond our kingdoms, it is time to get armed again
Now they shall know their worse nightmare, Now they shall hear the ancestral voice!!

Beneath the branches, Behind the trunks…
Under the night-sky, below the stars…
We move as shadows in frozen ground…and then my eyes could see their cross!!
We are the hunters, to smell their blood…
We crawl in silence, to capture porks…
The silent night before the storm…

Track Name: Μονολίθος (Monolith)
Circle of Stones
Summon the Powers of the god sun
A year of harvest to become
Future victories for the clan

Sacred stones
Ancient rites
Eternal witness
Lords of times

Yours is this burden
The heaviest weight you must support
So keep the strength and carry on

Funeral stone
Here lies the flesh that once
Was a fighting man of the pack
Now his spirit will soar

Burning stone
Fire warms your deedless shape
Full of life for the rites
Funeral pyres and bonfires

Stone cold
Winter feeds your frozen touch
You are shelter for the severe cold
You are our caves and our homes

Carved stone
Weapon to live
Protecting or hunting
Kill or be killed

Painted stone
Testimony of rituals
Scenes of hunting, family, tradition
Bring our spirit back to life
Track Name: Towards The Cold Eternity
Look away from the crowd…
Look away from the spears…
To the place where we go once we´re dead…
Does your glance reach the end of the path?

Look away from the shores…
Listen to the waves of a distant sea…
Far beyond, and away…
Towards The Cold Eternity…

We will ride the mountains…
And then, we will sail the rivers and the seas…
And we will listen to the skies…
Waiting for the sign…
Leading us to the flames of the battlefield!!

Feel the fire piercing you, see the spears and arrows fly
Watch the coming of the truth, your final hour has just begun
The trumpets now ring for the ones who must
Depart to the lands of brightness and calm
A chant of glory…sounds like your doom
Don´t you hear them? They ring for you!!

We shall ride the mountains…
And then, we shall sail the rivers of blood…
And we shall ride the skies…
Towards the valleys of glory…
Where our forefathers rest!!
Track Name: The Song Of The Distant Waves
This is the song of the distant waves
A dream of life that never begins or ends
A shore to be reached and a shore to be left

This is the story of remembered days
When I decided to sail away
Where no one dares, towards noman´s land

I enter the realms of water that soar like flames
High above reaching the skies where light and darkness dwell
I enter the realms of water that soar like flames
Deep, Dark…Immense

As I sail alone I wonder where is the end of this misery?
Will it be beyond the horizon, where your waves now take me? ´Cause
I need to spend my nights, lost, far away in eternal paths…
In the voice of your lonely days…companion of the distant waves!!

I´m sailing up to nowhere under the command of the northern star
The brightest light shinning up in the sky
Cleansing up my spirit the one that belongs
To the ancient breath of the whispering sea, so behold

I´m sailing up to nowhere under the command of the northern star
Companion of my boat and my solitude at night
Cleansing up my spirit the one that belongs
To this ancient landscape so deep, so dark

In front of the seas I stare at the waves
I´m one with your powers eternal strength
Your voice is the wisdom, your kingdom prevails
You summon the storm and bring all the rains
I´m nothing but yours, a servant of tide
A wolf of the seas, tired and lost
Now my time has come I feel very tired
So grant me to rest by your side
Track Name: The Rising Of The Warhammers
Of the remembres of a man
Bring shadows from the past
Of hard struggles for the power
And surviving one more night

These remembers bring him back
And from the shadows, rays of light arise
A shinning memory, the purest beauty
Walking always by his side

He remembers a voice by the bonfire
And the warm of the flesh meeting flesh
And the voice was as soft as the breeze
Of the ocean after the storm

Because they had survived, and so
These words were always said:
“…and in the battles to come I just want you to know,
I´m your shiel, the shadow to look after you”

Why do we fight?
Why do we die?
To be remembered once we are embers?
To be praised once we are ashes?
When perhaps, nothing matters

Because men fear other men
Weapons were born, from coward minds
Which need not to be strong
Just defeat what they can´t by their own hands

He remembers a voice by the bonfire
And the warm of the flesh meeting flesh
And the voice was as soft as the breeze
Of the ocean after the storm

Because they had survived, and so
These words were always said:
“…and in the battles to come I just want you to know,
I´m your shiel, the shadow to look after you”

The rising of the warhammers is the rising of the weakness to rule the world!!

An arrow flown like an eagle
Looking for preys to hunt
Her hand was cold and he hold her
To feel her final breathe

These remembers bring him back
And from the shadows, rays of light arise
A shinning memory, the purest beauty
Walking always by his side

Now he is the one who watches
His blood being shed on the fields
And so a vision…a ray of light
Comes from the shadows to take his hand
Track Name: We Are The New Power To Rise
That night I started what will be
A long, long journey back home
From the green and distant lands of the north
Hoping for nothing about what future or
Fate prepared for me
I packed and I rode saying, farewell!!
To the Cantabrian sea

Aswell as their men unconquerable are
Their weather and lands
To show no mercy for the pilgrims who dare
Enter their domains
The night was born, my blood ran cold
When suddenly I was
Surrounded by the thickest and densest fog
I had ever known

Lost among the trees, within the fog
Out of my head, but not alone
The night-spirit looked after me
I built a fire and I laid down to sleep

While I was lying, waiting for the dawn
Thinking about the end of the road
I felt asleep and dreamt of
My tribe, my clan, my land, my home

And then the sunset again
Brought back to life my spirit
The strength of fire to my veins and my eyes
The day was born, my hour had not come
And I received the present for being a fighting man

And then I started my trip again
Marching homewards to tell
I walk victorious by the side of the sun
Track Name: Lugar Entre Montañas